Teach Yourself Flexible Working

Teach Yourself Flexible Working
Authors: Carol Elston and Sue Orrell
Price: £9.99
Publisher: Hodder Education
Pages: 218
ISBN: 034084516163
Reviewed by: Jane Riley, HR manager, Newmor Group

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This book boasts it is “a practical little guide for the employee who wants to have covered all the pros and cons before approaching the boss with a flexible working proposal”.

It would be extremely useful for an employee considering requesting a flexible working pattern. Preparation is key if you want to be taken seriously.

The book touches on most relevant topics, including the principles behind flexible working, its viability depending on the business sector, the impact of legislation, security and health and safety, technology and the ability to manage yourself and your time.

I found it easily accessible, however, it was lacking in dynamism and so I didn’t particularly want to read it. Having said that, it was easy to understand, and for a novice in the field of flexible working it is ideal foundation material.

Practicality can be disregarded when considering books like this. The worker would find this a practical guide. But for the employer it’s just another ‘magic book’ that’s full of idealistic notions that aren’t ‘one size fits all’ and so invariably can’t be applied.

The book puts together lots of previously well-documented and well-considered flexible working options, but, it is far from inspirational.

Useful? Three out of five stars
Well-written? Two out of five stars
Practical? Two out of five stars
Inspirational? One out of five stars
Value for money? Three out of five stars
Overall? Two out of five stars

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