Team aims to transform work culture

The Government has appointed a team of top experts to help it promote
flexible working with employers.

Announcing the appointments last week, equal opportunities minister Margaret
Hodge said the committee will help the Government "brainstorm" ways
to transform the British work culture.

"Employers save on recruitment costs by retaining skilled staff,"
she said. "There is a drop in sick leave and absenteeism and employees are
more loyal and better motivated. All this helps businesses gain greater
productivity and higher profits. We know this to be the case with employers who
have implemented flexible working practices."

The campaign will be launched in full later this year.

Lloyds TSB, Littlewoods, the Engineering Employers’ Federation, Surrey
County Council, the Employers’ Organisation for Local Government and the
Federation of Small Businesses will represent employers on the 17-strong

The Government’s move follows the launch of a work-life manual by the
Industrial Society (News, 18 January).

The Institute for Economic Research will carry out a survey to find out what
kinds of flexible working are provided.

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