Technology in focus

Who’s installing what…The advantage of running a flexible benefits system
online isn’t just down to convenience and reduced administration for the HR department;
it can also revitalise a benefits strategy.

An online system is easier to communicate the breadth and value of the
benefits available as staff can check their packages and review their options
at any time. Implementing a new online system also provides an opportunity to
launch and market it to the workforce as a business to employee (B2E) service and
bolster employer brand.

The technology providers, featured here, will customise a system, so the
best plan is to sketch what you want and invite providers in to pitch. Here are
the current core technologies offered by some of the major providers.

Working Wealth (4th Contact)

A modular system that can administer and communicate benefits selection and
management. It’s a service provider-based application, hosted remotely on 4th
Contact servers, and the client (employers and staff) have real-time access to information
on their benefits package.

Users include: The Stock Exchange, AMV BBDO, Volkswagen.

Fix&Flex (Vebnet)

Administrative software to support a benefits programme online that can be
hosted internally or by Vebnet as an ASP model. It links the entire benefits
supply chain, providing access for employee, employer and the benefit provider.

Users include: Solvay Healthcare, Saffery & Champness Chartered
Accountants, Northgate plc

Flex (Rebus HR/Microsoft)

The development of Microsoft’s .NET online benefits system was a catalyst
for introducing flex within the software organisation. It teamed up with Rebus
HR to develop the system, based on the .NET framework.

Users include: Microsoft

Evolution Flexible Benefits Module (Missing Link Software)

An optional module that can be added to Missing Link’s Evolution web-based
HR and payroll system. HR departments can set up their benefits programme
within Missing Link’s technology framework, which gives the flexibility to
offer everything from childcare vouchers to private healthcare and allowing
employees to calculate the value of the package.

Users include: Ocado

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