Jobseekers believe first impressions last

still believe that making the right first impression is the vital ingredient to
interview success.

survey by Profiles of 300 jobseekers reveals that one in four women believe
pulling on a short skirt, wearing designer clothes and carrying a copy of the
FT represent the quickest way of getting the all-important nod.

a further 43 per cent of women think that looking good would give them the
upper hand.

it appears that men place even greater importance on looking good – of those
men questioned 46 per cent said that having a ‘good physique’ with ‘attractive
looks’ is important to securing a job offer.

the importance of attractiveness appears to rise, not fall, according to the
age of the candidate. Of those polled, 45 per cent of respondents aged under 30
rated ‘attractive looks’ and a ‘good physique’ as a significant factor,
compared with 46 per cent of 31-40 year olds and 47 per cent of 41-60 year

employment groups had different tactics, however,  with 45 per cent of retail workers believing that designer
clothes and a clean shaven look is the way to an interviewers heart, while 20
per cent of office workers prefer to take the executive briefcase, rolled up
broadsheet and, if all else fails, show a bit of leg. 

By Ben Willmott

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