Terrorism ‘kits’ issued to bank staff in Canary Wharf

Bank of America has issued its 1,000 staff in Canary Wharf with emergency kits
to be used in a terror attack, according to reports.

Wharf newspaper reports that the kits contain masks, goggles, key ring torches
and whistles, together with an FM radio, boiled sweets and water.

move has sparked a debate on whether the kits will simply serve to make people
more frightened.

newspaper quotes one banker, who said: “I don’t think it’s a particularly good
idea. If people weren’t scared of the terrorist threat before, then they
certainly will be now. It’s quite irresponsible of the management to [be]
frightening people.”

bank said the kits were not part of a response to recent terror attacks, but a
European-wide safety plan.

By Michael Millar

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