Tesco offers work experience to gap-year students

has launched a new gap-year programme to cater for student caught up in the
A-level grading fiasco.

scheme, A-level Options, offers students a place in one of 730 Tesco stores,
and gives them discounts on travel and leisure products.

will have the opportunity to attend debt and money management and personal
development courses.

will later be offered a part-time position at a Tesco’s near their University,
and the ability to transfer holiday work to a supermarket near their home.

resourcing director David Furhurst said: "At Tesco we always encourage
talented and hard-working people. There are a lot of students who have missed
out on their university course and will be wondering how to make the most of
their year out, and Tesco is a great place to work.

can respond to their needs by offering each student work experience and give
them the chance to save money before following their dreams and starting

By Quentin Reade

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