T&G in Hull protest over need for corporate manslaughter law

Transport and General Workers’ Union is holding a demonstration in Hull as it
repeats a call for a new law on Corporate Manslaughter.

by T&G national secretary for the construction industry Bob Blackman, the
protest coincides with the start of the prosecution of the property development
company, Marketing Exchange for Africa, and its managing director, Murli
Motiram Thadni, following the deaths of three building workers at a site in
Hull in April 2000.

prosecutions have been brought by the Health and Safety Executive under the
Health and Safety at Work Act.

said: "The T&G has been involved in calling for a strengthening of the
law where building workers are killed in incidents at work.

will continue to campaign for changes in the law to provide for corporate
manslaughter until we see a real culture change in the industry which puts the
safety and welfare of building workers first and profits second.

construction and demolition are dangerous industries but that danger can be
managed. What we need is recognition that the industry must change."

By Quentin Reade

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