TGWU calls for the Government to support textiles

textile industry wants government support to stop the sector’s decline.

The Transport and
General Workers’ Union is calling for government commitment to support the
industry’s future.

The textiles and
clothing industry has annual exports worth £4.6bn, and employs 40,000 in the
Yorkshire region alone.

Peter Booth, T&G
National Organiser for manufacturing, said: "There are many parts of the
UK textiles industry which can remain internationally competitive, but to do so
they need a clear commitment from the Government.

"We need
government support for manufacturing, support for investment in best technology
and best practice, support in important areas of public procurement and
continued support for skills development and training.

"This is an
industry which still employs more than 220,000 people in the UK and has annual
production of £11.6bn. Its future is vital, not just to our members and their
communities, but to the economy as a whole."

By Quentin Reade

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