TGWU launches women’s safety at work guide

Transport and General Workers’ Union is launching a new health and safety guide
to help women stay safe at work.

with International Women’s Day on 8 March, the practical guide identifies
workplace hazards and provides advice on how employers and employees can
overcome them.

for women workers in all kinds of industries, the guide has specific guidance
for women working in agriculture and horticulture, civil aviation, care
working, cleaning, offices, call centres, clothing and textiles, driving,
homeworking, hospitality, production lines and retail.

Holland, T&G national organiser for women, race and equalities said:
"Health and safety problems are often associated with heavy industry, and
jobs mainly done by men, yet accidents occur in all types of workplace and many
women face hazards at work. Often it is the least obvious environments that can
be most dangerous, as risks go undetected and can develop into health and
safety problems.

T&G guide identifies the health and safety issues in environments women
work in, alongside concerns that are specific to women workers, such as
pregnancy hazards.

year accidents could be prevented by improving awareness for employers and
workers about the hazards in their workplace. Crucially, this guide provides
our women members and workplace representatives with information, however the
onus is on employers to work with unions to make their workplaces safe."

By Quentin Reade

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