Thames Water may not replace departing HR director

The future of Thames Water’s HR department is uncertain after the utilities giant refused to confirm that it would replace its departed HR director.

Former HR chief Tim Boylin left the post when consortium Kemble Water bought Thames in December and imposed its own board.

An unnamed interim HR director has been hired to sit alongside the permanent chief executive, operating and financial officers.

But a company spokesman told Personnel Today it could not confirm that a permanent replacement was being sought.

This latest blow to Thames Water’s HR department comes after the firm axed its diversity and inclusion manager, Simon Pont, in September. Personnel Today learned at the time that the function was likely to face further cuts.

The company announced in August last year that it would cut up to a quarter of its workforce as part of a campaign to cut costs.

A spokesman said: “A company-wide review has been under way within Thames Water for some time to look at areas where we can improve efficiency.”

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