The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work

Author: Nigel Belbin et al
From: Belbin
Price: £9.99, plus postage

I was impressed and moved by the Belbin company’s DVD when I reviewed it in our May edition and I rate this new book just as highly.

It is designed as a guide to improving career prospects and draws on 27 years of experience since Meredith Belbin’s ground-breaking best-seller Management Teams – Why they succeed or fail.

Don’t let the low cover price or quaint illustrations put you off this is an unprepossessing publication, simply produced but chock full of clarity and advice.

How refreshing to find a well-written book which demystifies theories rather than creating or perpetuating them. It conveys management tips in a straightforward but endearing manner and covers Belbin’s team theory, and Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

It also contains much common sense on managing stress and dealing with difficult people that it should be available on prescription.

It could be used as an addition to any training course, as a handout or for further reading. The gentle, but authoritative tone would engage any level of manager.

Throughout its 100 pages the emphasis is on knowing who you are, how you behave and how you interact with others.

I’m adding my copy to the pile on my bedside table to consult in times of self-doubt when my mum can’t get to the phone.

Useful? 5 stars (out of 5)
Well-written? 5 stars
Value for money? 5 stars

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