The High Performance Organization

Title: The High Performance Organization
Author: Linda Holbeche
Publisher: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann
Pages: 452
Price: £24.99
ISBN: 0-7506-5620-4


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This latest book by Linda Holbeche promises to deliver a lesson in ‘creating dynamic stability and sustainable success’ – a succinct expression of any organisation’s ambition.

The title is promising, as are the contents. There is a section focusing mainly on organisational features: high performance, dynamic stability, the boundaryless organisation and management practice. Another is dedicated to understanding the basis of high performance: the psychological contract, leadership and career management.

However, the use you will get out of the book varies greatly. If you are a student wanting to understand the issues relating to high-performance, this is a great textbook. As a practitioner looking for inspiration and ideas, this book still delivers. It has attempted to describe the components of high performance, such as culture, in an exhaustive manner.

This book is an excellent reference for those who are new to the topic and want a comprehensive introduction, but less so for experienced practitioners in search of inspirational ideas
and insights.

Useful? five stars
Well-written? five stars
Practical? four stars
Inspirational? four stars
Value for money? four stars

Overall: excellent for students but lower middle rating for practitioners

By Mariella Gatt, consultant at HR services firm Towers Perrin

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