The IMPACT Code – Live the Life you Deserve

Author: Nigel Risner
Price: £9.99
Publisher: Capstone Publishing
Pages: 273
ISBN: 1841127167

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I have a confession to make: before I had read even a word of this book, my reaction was to yawn. We live in an age of makeovers and hyperbole where alternative journeys for our apparently busy and unsatisfying lives are constantly on offer.

Let’s be clear: there is indeed something of this business in Nigel Risner’s book, but in a time of information inundation it is all too easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Make sure you do not make that mistake with this work.

This book is a haven, a sensible and calming ‘place to go’ when all around you is chaos, madness and pointless. It is something of a talisman. Forget the IMPACT acronym – that is little more than attention-seeking gimmickry – look at the content which, by and large, is good.

The book is structured into seven chapters, each composed of a series of cameo pieces. Footnotes on many of the pages draw on pithy, wise and witty sayings of the good, the great and the simply well-known of modern celebrity cult. I think without these additions, Risner’s narrative risks sounding lonely.

This book is not unique but it will provide ideas for leading a better quality of life. It does not have the answers rather it helps, supports and encourages. You may feel that principles, morals, ethics and integrity are arguably sorely lacking in many work settings. This book will help you realign your internal compass.

Useful? Four out of five stars
Well-written? Four out of five stars
Practical? Four out of five stars
Inspirational? Four out of five stars
Value for money? Four out of five stars
Overall? Four out of five stars

Reviewed by Dr Peter Stokes, principal lecturer/division leader, Lancashire Business School, University of Central Lancashire

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