The World’s most popular experiential learning activities: Colourblind® and the Electric Maze® come together!

Colourblind® and the Electric Maze® are two of the world’s most successful commercial experiential (or action) learning activities, and the individual designers and firms behind these devices are joining forces to offer the most comprehensive service and product offering to learning & development professionals around the world.

RSVP Design Ltd. (UK-based designers of Colourblind®) and Interel Inc. (US-based designers of the Electric Maze® have independently helped research and solve a wide range of Corporate productivity and organisational development problems for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 firms for over 20 years; and by bringing their respective design teams, train-the-trainer offerings, product portfolios and training event delivery resources together can now offer an increased level of service and capability for global customers.

US-based customers familiar with Interel’s successful action learning devices such as The Electric Maze, Network and Mosaic can now add compatible activities such as Colourblind®, Images of Organisations or Webmaster® from RSVP Design’s successful product range (numbering more than 25 different high-impact experiential activities) direct from Interel’s CA shipping location. RSVP Design products are exported across the world and have been used successfully by major international Business Schools including IMD (Switzerland), CCL (USA) and Ashridge (UK); and by FTSE 100 Companies including Diageo, GlaxoSmithKline and Lloyds Banking Group. Interel and RSVP Design already share some high profile customers – you can find both Colourblind® and the Electric Maze® in use on Harvard University programs!

European and International customers of RSVP Design can now easily access Interel’s action learning device design expertise and easily order and receive Interel’s full product portfolio direct from their UK shipping location.

Graham Cook, Managing Director of RSVP Design has been named Vice President, Sales & Marketing, of Interel Inc. and commented ‘I am delighted to have joined together with Boyd Watkins, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Interel. I know that the increased opportunities for Boyd and Dr. Geoff Cox  (Design Director, RSVP Design and originator of Colourblind®) to work together will provide a creative learning partnership that will be second to none. My role is to help harness Geoff and Boyd’s creative talents to help even more organisations take advantage of our world-class learning design capabilities, and product range.’

Interel and RSVP Design will be exhibiting together at Training Expo, San Diego Feb 7-8, and HRD Exhibition, London, April 6-7 when visitors will be able to view a wide range of their experiential activities and talk to staff about their learning design issues, as well as introducing some brand-new activities.

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