The Writing Stable supports Backing Young Britain work experience and internship programme

Copywriting agency, The Writing Stable, is joining employers across the UK already supporting the Backing Young Britain work experience and internship programme.

As the job market for many young people is currently very challenging, this Government funded programme has been launched to give the young unemployed the chance to gain valuable workplace experience through an unpaid internship or work placement.

The Writing Stable is offering the first Junior Copywriter internship on the scheme – an attractive prospect for a young person hoping to pursue a career in the creative industries. Copywriting – the writing of persuasive text for marketing and promotional purposes – can have a dramatic effect. In this case The Writing Stable team of professional copywriters have been persuaded by their own copy. In January 2010, they were asked by Reed in Partnership (who are delivering the Backing Young Britain work experience and internship programme) to research and write a range of information packs, factsheets and how-to guides to promote the initiative to young jobseekers, as well as encouraging active participation from employers and Jobcentre Plus staff. These materials are all now being used – and interest is gaining momentum by the day.

“We’ve been delighted with the success of the programme so far. The copy produced by The Writing Stable has been a vital part in engaging jobseekers and employers with the programme and in helping young people realise their full potential.” comments Rhodri Thomas, Head of Communications & Marketing for Reed in Partnership.

One of the biggest issues for young jobseekers is that they have limited experience of the workplace. The Backing Young Britain programme helps young people build their experience of the world of work as an intern. Opportunities of up to 12 weeks duration are available and although each intern is not paid a salary, they do get the chance to show what they’re capable of to potential employers. This gives valuable experiences to add to their CV and for some, may lead to a paid job offer.

According to The Writing Stable Managing Director, Sue Johnston, “This is one of those projects that’s a joy to be involved with. We’re right behind the aims of Backing Young Britain and are keen to go on supporting it. Certainly by the time our copy had been submitted, we had a very great sense of just how important its aims were, that’s why we’re so delighted to be able to offer an internship as well.”

There is still time to get involved in the Backing Young Britain work experience and internship programme which continues until March 2011. Businesses of all sizes and of all sectors can participate. Just visit the BYB website for details of how to take part.

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