Tom Peters Essentials: Trends

Title: Tom Peters Essentials: Trends
Authors: Tom Peters and Martha Barletta
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Pages: 160 (paperback)
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 1- 405-302-593


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“Women are where it’s at! And Boomers and Geezers are where damn near ALL the loot is!” Well, so Tom Peters says on the front flyleaf, but I’m still not sure who this book is actually intended for. Given that the content is largely about his ‘pet obsessions’ of the ‘Women’s Thing’ and the ‘Mature Thing’, it’s interesting that on first sight it didn’t appeal to me.

To make sure it wasn’t my age and gender bias, I handed it to friends as well as a mixed group of colleagues to gauge reactions. Comments included:
“Don’t like it, wouldn’t read it.”
“Too much visual stimulation.”
“Frivolous – not serious.”
“Not a serious book shape – it is more like a travel guide.”

The final comment is the most helpful because it is like a travel guide – to what Peters considers essential about business at the present time. It’s one of four books in a series of ‘Essentials’ and is based on his book Re-Imagine, and aspects of Barletta’s next book, Prime Time Women. It’s intentionally different from standard business books and aims to be “a book that bursts forth with passion and energy”.

It is clear and informative, and it does what it sets out to do. It presents management messages in a way that made me want to find out more. I found it both stimulating and thought-provoking. There are examples in support of their ideas throughout and it’s hard not to respond to Peters’ evangelical zeal. I think it’s a ‘wake-up’ call – not just about business, but about how we live in today’s society. One last caveat – you will have to ‘translate’ since it deals with US companies, culture and spelling, but stick with it – you won’t be bored.

Useful? 4 stars
Well-written? 4 stars
Practical? 4 stars
Inspirational? 4 stars
Value for money? 4 stars

Reviewed by Fay Young, HR manager operations, NHS Modernisation Agency

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