Topaz promotes INVU data protection benefits

HR, payroll and financial software company Topaz is promoting the virtues of INVU document management software to recruitment companies following important changes to the Data Protection Act, which came into force on October 24, 2007.

Businesses now face fines or prosecution if they are unable to meet the 40-day ruling in which to fulfil an individual’s request for their personal information from 1998 onwards, held electronically or in hard copy.

After October 2008 any records predating 1998, held in manual filing systems, will also fall under the Act’s jurisdiction. These files will also need to be accessed and forwarded to the enquirer within the maximum 40 days.

INVU partner Topaz is currently highlighting the benefits of the electronic document management software that can provide businesses with the ability to:

  • Retrieve documents in seconds

  • Quickly source information within documents

  • Provide a secure audit trail

  • Save the cost of off site storage

  • Prevent documents from being lost or misfiled.

“We have been promoting INVU to our recruitment company customers and are strongly advising businesses and HR departments to review their filing systems and ensure that their data management and storage are rigorous and comply with the Data Protection Act changes,” says Eddie Stanley, Topaz Commercial Director.

“Businesses should be aware that if they can’t provide their records to an enquirer within the 40-day period they will be liable under law, most probably with a fine.

“INVU – which typically pays for itself in six months – provides advanced electronic document management technology, which not only helps companies to comply with the Data Protection Act but also manage and access all types of information with great speed and ease.

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