Tories unveil reshuffled shadow cabinet

A shadow cabinet reshuffle by the Conservatives has placed two new faces in the roles of shadow business secretary and shadow secretary for work and pensions.

The so-called ‘big beast’, former chanceller Ken Clark has returned to the front line with a promotion to shadow business secretary, replacing Alan Duncan.

Duncan replaces Theresa May as shadow leader of the House of Commons, who in turn moves to shadow work and pensions secretary, a post left vacant with the departure of Chris Grayling to become shadow home secretary.

Additional moves find John Penrose as shadow minister for business, enterprise and regulatory reform, and new minister David Evennett joining the team for innovation, universities and skills.

Both Duncan and Grayling featured heavily in Personnel Today last year.

Duncan warned of several challenges facing HR in 2009, while Grayling called for a reduction in the amount of health and safety legislation.

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