Training CD: Tunes for Trainers

These are the lyrics of the ditties from a CD called Tunes for Trainers.


Track 1: Good morning

It’s gonna be a good good morning, a good good morning meeting,

We’re gonna have a great time together. We got a lot of information,

A perfect situation

We’re gonna have a great time today.


Track 2: Time for coffee

It’s time for coffee. It’s time for tea.

It’s time for those of you who really have to

Make a phone call

To your broker, or your doctor or your mum.

Be back soon and don’t be late,

We’re doing business that just won’t wait.


Track 3: Time for lunch

And now it’s time for lunch, Yes à la carte or brunch.

It’s time for us to lunch. Coz we have more than just a hunch, you could use a bunch.

Your stomach’s in a crunch,

So, now it’s time to break and have some lunch.


Track 4: Welcome back

Welcome back. We’re glad to see that you’re here.

Welcome back. Movin’ off there ain’t no slowin’,

You’re in for information knowin’.

So let’s begin, let’s keep it flowin’

Welcome back, we’re glad to see you again,

Welcome back, wel-wel-come back.


To listen to it in all its musical majesty, go to:

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