Training & coaching news: No more NHS wet Monday layabouts

Occupational psychologists will be used to weed out unsuitable applicants to the NHS’s massive graduate recruitment programme.

The aim is to save senior managers time and effort when filtering about 6,000 applications every year for the 1,000 positions available.

The new assessment process will use online psychometric tests, such as one which assesses motivational traits.

“These online tools allow thousands of candidates to be filtered effectively at the touch of a button,” said the NHS. “Candidates will now be required to show they are motivated to do the job, rather than just display the necessary skills.”

The tests have been devised by occupational psychology firm Pearn Kandola. Its assessment and development specialist, Stephan Lucks, said: “A candidate may have the skills to perform a task – but the motivational test has been designed to ensure people will direct their energies into the health service if they get the job.”

“The NHS demands that people have a high motivation to work and will not switch off on a wet Monday afternoon.”

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