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Civil servants gain new blended learning

Home Office is introducing 15,000 civil servants to new software programmes
using a blended learning scheme which involves 300 instructor-led seminars,
bespoke e-learning and live coaching. Designed by KnowledgePool, the training will aid the move to
Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP from older versions of the software. It will
be delivered through briefing seminars and an accompanying e-learning course,
with the option of desk-side coaching as the software is installed at each
site. KnowledgePool has
also developed a 15-minute video of essential information for those unable to
attend the course. The software roll-out should be completed by April 2005.  

Development goes online for construction

professionals will have online access to a new continuous professional
development (CPD) service from this week. Developed by CPD provider Einstein
Networks and construction newspaper Contract Journal (a sister publication of
Personnel Today), it provides multimedia online training by industry experts.
The service includes online video, audio and script delivery; self-assessment
quizzes to ensure understanding; and learning diaries to track personal and
employees’ progress. Contract Journal’s editor Rob Willock said: "This is a ground-breaking
initiative that will allow construction professionals to keep their knowledge
up-to-date at a time, location and pace of their convenience." Users can
sign up for a free seven-day trial at

More cash being spent on workplace

are spending more on workplace learning and development -and the trend looks
set to continue in the year ahead, according to new research by Personnel
Today’s sister publication IRS Employment Review. Nearly half the employers surveyed (43 per cent) said spending had risen
in the past two years, and just one in five said it had fallen. Looking ahead,
more than 50 per cent of employers predict that spending will go on rising
while just one in 10 expects a fall. Employers typically report that pressure
to increase their learning and development budgets comes from the introduction
of new regulatory climates in their sector, a change in senior management, or a
rise in staff numbers. The median budget for learning and development at survey
organisations in 2004-05 is £80,

MoD offers IT qualifications to its Gurkha soldiers

Ministry of Defence (MoD) is offering its Gurkha soldiers a range of IT qualifications to help
them with their duties, and set them up for life after the Army. Without
vocational qualifications, they may have to return to unemployment in Nepal.
The training is part of the Army’s Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme.
Blackpool-based Evolution Technologies is offering the Royal Gurkha Rifles training towards
the Certificate for IT Practitioners (ICT Systems Support). One soldier,
Warrant Officer Thakali,
said the course was preparing him for life after the forces. "The ELC
grant has enabled me to pursue this IT training and provide me with essential
skills and excellent employment opportunities when I leave the British armed
forces," he said.

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