Training news

The engineering industry has agreed a merger that will
create the largest sector-wide training network in the UK. The national
training organisation for engineering manufacture, Emta, has joined forces with
the Engineering Employers’ Federation to provide 58 learning centres across the
country. The centres will offer 4,000 courses on the Internet from the
University for Industry, a vocational learning body. Tel: 020-7227 8413.

Tiling sector’s skills shortage addressed

The Construction Industry Training Board and the Tile
Association are launching a training plan to address the tiling industry’s
skills crisis. Under the scheme, 4,300 wall and floor tiling fixers will be
accredited or enter training in 2003, delivering a fully qualified workforce of
12,750 fixers by 2005. Tel: 020-7367 9804.  www.

Barclays Funds promotes intranet training

Barclays Funds, a division of Barclays Bank, has introduced
600 staff to on-line learning over the company intranet. Marcus Jenkins, a
professional development trainer with Barclays Funds, said, "We are using
our corporate intranet to communicate with staff; we’re running competitions to
encourage staff to take up the e-learning opportunities and we’ve introduced
specific training tracks which combine traditional, class-based training with
e-learning." Tel: 01727 860405.

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