Training news in brief

This week’s training news in brief

M&S finds mentors

High street retailer Marks & Spencer is implementing two new programmes
to provide mentors at every level, from people on short-term work placements to
senior executives. It hopes to launch its first tranche of 50 executive
mentoring partnerships this month. The first batch will be drawn from the ranks
of executives who report into the board and who will act as mentors to the next
layer of managers.

Edexcel faces the music

Edexcel, one of the UK’s largest awarding bodies has given its marketing and
communications division a team-building boost by encouraging it to record a
music CD for charity. "I wanted an activity which would unlock the
division’s creative potential," said Edexcel marketing director Gail
Cohen. Cohen worked in conjunction with John Matchett Ltd, and reports that she
achieved all of her objectives. "Once back in the office the energy levels
were certainly higher and people spoke very positively about the
experience," she said.

Llama panorama

Conference delegates who need to unwind after a tough session now have the
opportunity to trek with llamas. Ashdown Park Hotel in East Sussex is offering
the outdoor adventures as a fun way to unwind and take in some fresh air. The
conference centre has created two corporate packages which include trekking at
the neighbouring llama park.

A taste of honey

Following the recent amalgamation of the British Association for Open
Learning and the Forum for Technology in Training, the British Learning
Association is holding its inaugural conference. Speakers include learning and
behaviour specialist Peter Honey and Charles Jennings, head of global learning,
Reuters. The conference ‘Advancing techniques and technologies for learning’
will be held on 31 March at London’s Royal Institution.

Enhanced performance

Cox Insurance is celebrating significant improvements in its people
management , team work and communications after running a series of four-day
management development programmes. Evaluation shows that the programme has
equipped the participants with a wider range of skills and a greater awareness
of their strengths and management style. "Managers are sharing their
learning with their teams and this has led to an upsurge in people taking
greater responsibility for their own training and a real hunger for personal
development throughout the organisation." The programme was arranged by
Roffey Park.

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