Training shortfall fuels complaints

Employees are desperate to deliver good service but hindered by the process
and systems within their organisations, including lack of training.

This is the conclusion drawn from the third National Complaints Culture
Survey released by people development company TMI, endorsed by the Institute of
Customer Service. It surveyed more than 2,900 consumers and 3,000 employees
within 43 organisations across eight different sectors.

It found some organisations are working with systems that cannot cope with
growing customer volumes and although committed to good customer service, they
are letting down employees by failing to provide feedback on mistakes.

A key finding is individual learning is still hampered by low levels of
training – even though this has risen seven per cent since 2001. Only 36 per
cent of staff are currently satisfied with their training.

Nearly half of organisations have implemented customer relationship
management as part of their overall service strategy, yet 75 per cent of senior
directors believe customer loyalty is decreasing.

By Stephanie Sparrow

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