Training: the 10 commandments

The 10 (plus one) commandments – as discovered on a tablet of brimstone in a Bracknell car park.

  1. Thou shalt familiarise yourself with delegates’ requirements at least one week before a course.
  2. Thou shalt arrive one hour before a course begins to familiarise thyself with the training room and the equipment.
  3. Thou shalt know thy delegates’ names and not call them “you over there”.
  4. Honour thy dress sense – even if thou art sorely tempted to mix and mismatch items of apparel in the style of a 1980s fashion victim.
  5. Honour ye the after-lunch energiser, for lo even the keenest of delegates feel fatigued after feasting on the fatted snack.
  6. Thou shalt ensure that thine training is relevant unto the daily toil of the delegates.
  7. Thou shalt ensure, even if it meaneth repeating thyself ad infinitum, that yon delegates understand thine training.
  8. Honour verily the tenets of time management. A course whose cup runneth over will find little favour with delegates.
  9. Honour also the remorseless advance of technology, and banish ye OHP unto the recycling centre.
  10. Honour ye the feedback form and act upon honest criticism.

Bonus commandment: Thou shalt never smite a contrary delegate, even if they vex thou unto a temper tantrum.

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