Transport for London bosses forgo bonuses and continue pay freeze

Transport for London (TfL) bosses have given up their bonuses, and frozen their salaries for a second successive year.

The move comes after bosses at Network Rail, which is also state funded, were criticised last month for accepting more than £2m in bonuses.

Peter Hendy, TfL’s most senior official as London transport commissioner, has turned down a bonus of £132,409 in addition to his salary of £330,198, the Guardian has reported.

In what has been seen as an implied dig at Network Rail, Hendy said: “I care very much about the money we get from public funds, and I believe that we need to set an example.”

Iain Coucher, the chief executive of Network Rail, earned more than £1.25m last year, including £641,000 in bonus and incentive scheme payments. Coucher and his senior colleagues earned bonuses of more than £2m, while Hendy and seven senior colleagues would have shared about £500,000.

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