Many employers operate contractual or discretionary bonus schemes to incentivise their employees.

A major legal issue for employers is to decide whether bonuses under the scheme are intended to be contractual or discretionary, and ensure that this is clearly reflected in the relevant employees’ contracts of employment.

Deliveroo error sees riders paid inflated bonuses

Deliveroo’s plans to say reward its most experienced riders with bonuses saw many riders receiving the wrong amounts.

Health and social care staff in Wales to get one-off bonus

17 Mar 2021

More than 200,000 NHS health workers and social care staff in Wales are to receive a £735 bonus from the government.

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Deliveroo to pay drivers bonuses of up to £10,000

8 Mar 2021

Fast-food delivery giant Deliveroo has announced it is setting aside a £16 million ‘thank-you’ fund to reward its most loyal...

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Law firms award bonuses over salary increases

15 Feb 2021

Law firms have been rewarding staff with regular or ‘spot’ bonuses to make up for pay cuts or freezes made when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit.

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judges are workers case surpreme court

Five employment law cases that will shape 2021

13 Jan 2021

Stephen Simpson looks at five important employment law cases that will grab the headlines in 2021, covering significant issues such...

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Executive pay: financial incentives damage long-term profits

6 Jan 2021

The more focus companies put on financial incentives for CEOs’ bonuses, the worse the firm’s commercial performance, according to a...

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FTSE 100 CEOs earn average annual wage in just 34 hours

6 Jan 2021

The median FTSE 100 CEO’s earnings will surpass that of the median annual wage for a full-time worker in the...

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Bonuses in the Covid-19 era: pushing the boundaries

22 Dec 2020

Changes to bonuses, as businesses are impacted by the pandemic and Brexit crises, could well lead to tensions and legal cases.

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Black staff at Lloyds paid 16.7% less than white colleagues

11 Dec 2020

Average pay and bonuses for black employees at Lloyds Banking Group are significantly lower than what their white colleagues receive,...

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Third of FTSE 100 firms use employee metrics to calculate CEO bonuses

4 Dec 2020

Just 34% of FTSE 100 organisations use employee-related metrics when calculating executives' performance-related pay.

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New Lloyds Bank boss to be paid up to £5.5m

1 Dec 2020

Lloyds Banking Group's new boss will be paid up to £5.5m in annual pay and bonuses – about a fifth less than his predecessor.

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Amazon employees in line for $500m recognition bonus

27 Nov 2020

Amazon is to pay a special holiday recognition bonus to its front-line employees globally, in order to demonstrate its appreciation...

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The impact of Covid-19 on senior executives’ contracts

20 Oct 2020

Senior executives' relationship with new employers is changing as they look to safeguard their positions against a background of instability.

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Febrile mood will lead to sackings, whistleblowing and disputes

7 Oct 2020

As the UK heads into a worrying winter, Charlie Thompson examines the risks for senior teams as they manage the...

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John Lewis scraps staff bonus

18 Sep 2020

John Lewis and Waitrose staff will not receive a bonus next April for the first time in more than 60...

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