Transport union urges caution over proposed Civil Service job cuts

Transport and General Workers’ Union (T&G) is worried public service
reforms could be undermined by proposed job cuts.

Woodley, T&G general secretary said: "Labour will be judged at the next
election on its delivery of public services after two terms in power. The
Government is right to continue investment in public services, but that
progress could be undermined by the dramatic Civil Service cuts. The savings
the chancellor hopes to achieve are very extensive and we will be examining
closely the impact of the cutbacks on our members in public services.

said that public transport would benefit from the announcement of much-needed

urge the secretary of state, in deciding how the new money should be allocated,
to consider the role bus services can play in delivering rapid improvements to
local transport," said Woodley.

spending review was perhaps one of the chancellor’s tightest since 1997. Labour
need to take a more radical approach in areas such as pensions provision to
ensure that their supporters are sufficiently motivated to campaign for a third

By Quentin Reade

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