Travel discount scheme opened up to more jobseekers

jobseekers are to get travel discounts to make it cheaper for them to get to
interviews and the first three months of a new job.

in May 1998, the deal was originally only open to the New Deal for Young People
and New Deal 25+. It will now be available to those on the following

New Deal for Young People;

New Deal 25 Plus;

New Deal 50 Plus;

New Deal for Lone Parents; and

New Deal for Disabled People.

for Work Nick Brown said: "I congratulate the Association of Train
Operating Companies and Transport for London for continuing to support the New
Deal by making this agreement indefinite. I’m particularly pleased they’ve
agreed to widen its availability to lone parents, those over 50 and disabled
people looking for work."

photocards have already made a difference to more than 80,000 jobseekers by
making it cheaper to get to interviews and cheaper to travel to work, he said.

By Quentin Reade

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