Striking train drivers lose jobs

striking Glasgow underground drivers have been sacked after staging unofficial

at Strathclyde Passenger Transport’s (SPT) have warned of more dismissals to
come, and said they would "not tolerate" the action, which brought
the city’s subway to a standstill.

Transport and General Workers’ Union said it was shocked at the move and warned
that it was an escalation of the dispute.

union is calling for the immediate reinstatement of the drivers and for the SPT
to enter into constructive discussions with officials.

strike, which started yesterday, involves about 40 drivers who are angry about
extra duties they claim they have been required to take on.

drivers had been required to help train new recruits who will do additional
duties such as monitoring CCTV cameras.

Farrelly, T&G’s regional industrial organiser, said he believes SPT has
"completely over-reacted".

questions have to be asked as to why [SPT] chose to impose changes while a
legally constituted ballot was underway and why they have taken this course of
action," he said.

was an opportunity to resolve this issue and the SPT management has chosen to
overlook it. Despite this, we remain committed to seeking a resolution to the
situation and, accordingly, we have contacted Acas who have expressed their
willingness to assist with conciliation."

By Quentin Reade

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