Trips head personal injury list

types of accidents still account for the majority of staff compensation claims,
according to new research.

study for the HSE of health and safety claims made by members of eight major
unions shows that slips, trips and falls are the cause of 16 per cent of all
claims, followed by manual handling (10 per cent) and noise (7.6 per cent).

main injuries sustained by those making personal injury claims are ‘unspecified
pain’ (9.6 per cent), strains and sprains (9 per cent) deafness (8 per cent) and
cuts (8 per cent). Injuries were not recorded in 26 per cent of cases.

trips and falls of the same level account for 28 per cent of claims from Unison
members in the education sector. Stress is the second highest cause of claims
in local government, while lifting took second place in the health service.

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