Trust’s training scheme promotes diversity at top

A diversity training programme launched by Camden and Islington NHS Trust is
to be introduced at other London trusts in an effort to help people from ethnic
minorities gain promotion to directors’ posts.

Keith Marshall, director of HR at Camden and Islington, said the Black and
Ethnic Leadership scheme is to be extended to 11 other London-based trusts.

Marshall told Personnel Today the scheme was launched because although 35
per cent of the trust’s staff are from ethnic minorities, there needs to be
more ethnic representation in the top third of the organisation.

The programme is designed to develop the skills of middle-ranking staff,
such as junior managers and nurses at sister level, into a position where they
can apply for a director’s post, he said.

"What the course is about is not extra [hospital-based] skills but
confidence and self awareness," said Marshall.

The course runs for six to eight months, and takes an average half a day a
week for those involved.

Marshall said the scheme had initially been pitched at too high a level, but
has now been adapted to make it more relevant to those taking part.

Marshall added that the success of the scheme depends on the support of line

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