Tube staff to strike over pay

than 7,500 union members at London Underground, Metronet BCV and Metronet SSL
are to strike for 24 hours next Tuesday and Wednesday (June 29 and 30),
following the failure of pay talks.

RMT is calling for the implementation of a 35-hour week and a date for the
start of a four-day week, and want ‘serious progress on pay’.

members at LUL, Metronet BCV and Metronet SSL will not book on for shifts that
start between 18:30 on Tuesday, 29 June and 18:29 on Wednesday, 30 June.

short of a strike, in the form of an overtime ban, will also be taken on
Metronet BCV and Metronet SSL for seven days from 18:30 on Tuesday, 29 June.

general secretary, Bob Crow, said: "We will not accept the destruction of
hard-won working conditions, and we will not accept the creation of a two-tier

By Michael Millar

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