TUC backs airports expansion programme

TUC backed the expansion of the UK’s airport network, claiming that demand for
air travel could lead to the creation of 100,000 new jobs.

the union stressed the need for sustainable developments and a commitment to
reduce pollution and noise levels.

at the Freedom to Fly conference yesterday, TUC general secretary John Monks
said: "The expected doubling of demand for air travel over the next 20
years could create at least 100,000 new jobs.

already sustains more than half a million jobs in the UK economy. We need to
ensure that the new jobs will be created here in the UK," he said.

we do not increase our airport capacity then these jobs will go to Germany,
France and The Netherlands.

Government needs to plan the long-term increase of aviation capacity, but the
accent must be on sustainable development. Growth must be accompanied by
further measures to reduce noise, emissions and fuel consumption."

By Quentin Reade

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