TUC calls for statutory pay for bank holidays

TUC is calling on the Government to overhaul laws on statutory pay and time off
for staff forced to work bank holidays.

union claims around three million workers will not receive holiday pay or be
able to take days off in lieu if they choose to have holiday over Easter.

TUC report shows that twice as many people will work over the Easter holidays
than Christmas with three million and 2.5 million respectively at work on Good
Friday and Easter Monday.

union body wants three new bank holidays introduced to bring the UK into line
with the EU average and given the choice of double pay or time off in lieu for
those working over bank holidays.

in Britain have no statutory right to holiday pay or time off if they have to
work bank holidays and the UK is the only EU country that allows employers to
count them as part of the minimum paid leave under the Working Time Directive.

Barber, TUC general secretary elect, said bad employers were taking advantage
of the rules and that staff should not be left out of pocket for working over

By Ross Wigham


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