TUC launches guide to help Portuguese workers in the UK

The TUC is launching
a dual-language guidebook to help Portuguese workers obtain better working
conditions in the UK.

claims that thousands of Portuguese migrant workers who come to the UK to fill
vacancies in agriculture, cleaning and the hospitality industry are often
exploited because of language problems and a lack of understanding of UK
employment law.

claims Portuguese workers are hired and fired at will, paid less than the
market rate and denied holiday and sick pay.

as EU nationals Portuguese workers are legally allowed to work in this country
but many are unaware of their rights and as a result are being treated
appallingly by employers keen to undercut their competitors on the cheap,” said
John Monks, the TUC’s general secretary.

A festival
will also take place this weekend at Kensington Town Hall, London.


By Paul Nelson. Click here to respond.

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