TUC names day for long-hours campaign

The TUC’s Work Your Proper Hours Day will take place on Friday 24 February 2006.

This is when people who do unpaid overtime will stop working for free and start to get paid, based on the official Labour Force Survey.

On that day the TUC is urging people who do unpaid overtime to take a proper lunch break, and arrive and leave work at their contracted time.

This should remind UK employers just how much they depend on the goodwill and voluntary extra work of their staff, the TUC said.

The TUC is urging managers to take their staff out for lunch, coffee or cocktails on 24 February to say thank you for their hard work and commitment.

TUC head of campaigns, Nigel Stanley, said: “Work Your Proper Hours Day is a light-hearted way to raise the problem of long hours working in the UK.

“Most employees like their job and care about their work, it’s one of the reasons they put in unpaid extra time.

“This year we will be providing practical advice on how employers and employees can work smarter to cut their hours and improve the quality of their work.”

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