Annual hours

Annual hours are the total hours worked by an employee or worker in a calendar year.

Under an annualised hours contract, an employee's hours are expressed as a total number of hours to be worked during the course of the year. The hours actually worked are likely to fluctuate from week to week and month to month.

Bank holidays: seven things employers need to know (an extra public holiday?)

Updated guidance in light of furlough and the prospect of an extra bank holiday...

April 2020 employment law changes: eight tasks for HR

6 Apr 2020

Each April, HR professionals must ensure that their organisation complies with the latest round of amended employment laws and deadlines....

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Labour spells out plans for four-day working week

23 Sep 2019

A future Labour government would reduce the average working week to 32 hours, shadow councillor John McDonnell has told delegates at the party's Brighton conference.

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Top 10 HR questions August 2019: term-time holiday calculations

3 Sep 2019

How should you calculate holiday pay for a term-time worker without regular hours?
A recent Court of Appeal decision, The...

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Annual leave

Congratulation leave? Unusual types of leave from around the world

14 Jan 2016

Anyone thinking that the UK’s upcoming grandparental leave is unnecessary meddling by law-makers should look beyond these shores at the...

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Tribunal watch: Sex discrimination against flexible working single parent

23 Mar 2015

An employment tribunal has held that Greater Manchester Police committed sex discrimination against a female police officer when it amended...

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How should employers manage workers on annualised hours contracts?

Annualised hours contracts: five key steps for HR

3 Nov 2014

Annual or annualised hours contracts can be beneficial for both employers and employees, but HR professionals need to manage them...

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Shift work and fatigue – and the possible consequences

3 Feb 2014

Fatigue can have far-reaching implications in the workplace. John Wilkinson, who was involved in the investigation that took place following...

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We have the national minimum wage, now we need national minimum hours

7 Sep 2012

Amid recent news reports of an increase in employers’ use of zero-hours contracts, Sarah Veale, TUC head of equalities and...

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Employees sick while on annual leave can retake time off

21 Jun 2012

Employees who fall sick during their annual leave have the right to re-take that annual leave a later date, irrespective...

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Night-shift workers warned of health risks

20 Apr 2011

The Government is being urged to limit the length of night shifts to eight hours, after a study warned that...

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Working hours on the rise after employees endure enforced ‘detox’

2 Aug 2010

Working hours are on the rise again after the recession and cost-saving measures implemented by employers led to a forced...

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Long hours at work increases risk of heart attacks

12 May 2010

People who regularly work 10- to 12-hour days increase their risk of a heart attack by two-thirds, research has found....

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Friday Podcast: Snow, extreme weather, HR and employment law implications

8 Jan 2010

HR news and views including:The HR and employment law implications of extreme weather:

Health and safety implications
Absent employees’ rights...

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Unpaid overtime saved employers £27.4bn in 2009

8 Jan 2010

Employers saved £27.4bn through unpaid overtime in 2009, the TUC has found.Analysis of official figures by the TUC has revealed...

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