TUC renews tax credit demand as unemployment rises

TUC has reiterated its call for tax credits for industrial training after
unemployment levels rose.

number of people claiming benefit increased by 4,300 to 951,000 in October,
while the number of people looking for work rose by 28,000 to 1.51 million
between July and September, according to the Office of National Statistics’
latest figures.

TUC is calling for public spending plans to be met in full in the Chancellor’s
pre-budget report at the end of the month.

also wants to see increased provision for industrial and regional aid and
labour market programmes to help particular sectors and individual employees.

figures confirm that the labour market is turning downwards in response to the
slowdown in the world economy. Job losses are mounting in manufacturing, with
the latest data showing 20,000 going in the last month alone and many more in
the pipeline," said John Monks, TUC general secretary.

Government must bring forward measures to support industry, local communities
and sectors most affected. The Bank of England must be ready to cut rates
again. Employers must show responsibility and restraint and look to the long

By Paul Nelson

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