TUC supports 8-hour strike by Italy’s unions

TUC has backed the decision by Italy’s three unions to call an eight-hour
general strike.

General Secretary, John Monks, said he supported the three Italian national
trade union centres’ action over Government plans to remove workers’
protections against unfair and arbitrary dismissal.

the first time in 20 years, the three Italian unions, the CGIL, CISL and the
UIL called an 8-hour general strike. Tuesday’s action saw mass demonstrations
in all Italian regional capitals.

said: ""Italy’s Prime Minister Berlusconi’s actions will severely
affect workers’ livelihoods and rights.

European social model recognises universal rights that must be guaranteed to all
workers. Claims by Governments that these safeguards have to be scrapped
because of EU requirements is both intolerable and untrue.

call on all EU Governments and institutions to confirm that the social model,
by which European workers set great store, demands an entirely different
approach – on both substance and form – based on safeguarding rights and
consultations with both sides of industry."


By Quentin Reade

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