World Cup match could cost industry £128 million

1.4 million men aged between 21 and 44 plan to call in sick on the same day
during the Football World Cup this June, according to a new poll.

research, by, finds that this predicted level of absenteeism for
just one game could cause a loss

UK industry of £128.8 million.

all, 9 per cent of male employees and 2 per cent of women plan to call in sick
so they can watch a key game.

survey reveals that 48 per cent of men plan to book a day’s holiday and 40 per
cent expect to be able to watch the matches on a TV at work.

Potter, director of marketing and Product Development at Workthing said:
"Companies should be aware that the majority of men are planning to be out
of the office on big match days and that a significant number plan to phone in

Workthing we’re bringing World Cup fever into the office. We’re screening the
England games and being flexible with those who might arrive a little late
after an early morning match. The deal is that people make the time up at the
end of the day."

By Ben Willmott

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