TUC urges employers to take action over RSI

TUC is urging employers to inspect the workplace and asses the risk of
Repetitive Strain Injury following the release of damning new figures.

by the TUC shows that one in 50 workers is now suffering from the symptoms of
RSI, which include joint pain and immobility.

year over 5.4 million days were lost in sick leave because of RSI and,
according to the TUC, six workers a day left work because of the condition.

union has issued new guidance and is encouraging its 200,000 safety reps to use
their legal powers to change the way workplaces are arranged in a bid to beat

general secretary John Monks said employers need to come to terms with the
risks and help prevent RSI: "It is entirely preventable, and easily
curable if caught early. Safety reps can now use the HSE’s risk filter to help managers
get a grip of the risks and prevent suffering, job losses and poverty for
thousands of people."

International RSI Awareness day takes place on Thursday (28th February)


By Ross Wigham

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