Tussaud’s online recruitment cuts time it takes to hire staff

Entertainment group Tussaud’s has reduced the time it takes to employ staff
by two-thirds after embracing online recruitment.

It used to take the company, which owns Alton Towers and Madam Tussaud’s, up
to 15 days to recruit a member of staff, but using the internet has meant it
now only takes a maximum of five days.

The system has been live for two months and the firm has recruited more than
80 staff.

Applicants fill in an online application form via the company’s attractions’
individual websites. The form is then sent to the HR department, where it is
vetted by pre-determined criteria, including customer service experience. Short-listed
applicants are called immediately to arrange a face-to-face interview.

Matthew Mee, group recruitment manager at Tussaud’s, said the move to online
recruitment saves the HR department vital time, giving them the advantage over

Mee said: "Because the process is in real time, we are able to process
the form straight away and are able to get applicants in for interviews more
quickly. It also saves HR staff having to read through loads of individual CVs.

"The process gives us an advantage over supermarkets and call centres –
our main rivals for flexible labour," he added.

Mee said the move has already improved the quality of staff recruited and
will also save money. He said: "We are receiving more applications because
of the size of the labour market that we can attract via the web.

"The system will pay for itself by the end of the year as we are saving
a huge amount of money in recruitment consultant fees.

"Over the next five years I anticipate a huge return on
investment," he added.

By Paul nelson

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