Numbers of those with second jobs leap 70 per cent

than one million UK workers have two jobs, according to a report by the Office
of National Statistics.

The Labour Force Survey:
Full or Part-Time Work and Second Jobs 1984-2000,
reveals a 68 per cent
increase in the number of second jobbers over the last 17 years.

This includes 48,000 teachers,
with more than seven per cent of those employed in the profession taking on
extra work.

On average men were found to
spend more than nine hours a week in their second job. This is one more hour a
week than the 670,000 women who have other 
jobs ñ a rise of 346,000 since 1984.

Full-time workers were also
found to be just as likely to have second jobs as part timers.

Among those with a second job
are thousands of low paid cleaners, writers and artists who take on extra work
to supplement their income, says the report.

By Phil Boucher

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