UK companies failing to recognise talent

employees are lying undiscovered in UK companies, according to a new report.

on Talent
, a report by business psychology consultancy OPP Ltd, finds that
84 per cent of companies admit that talent lies undiscovered in their

per cent do not actively identify and develop talented staff, even though 94
per cent believe employing talented staff improves profit.

than 400 senior HR professionals took part in the survey, which aimed to
identify what talent means to organisations and how UK businesses identify and
develop talented staff.

classifies talented employees as those who are the best people for the role and
who provide and maintain a competitive advantage for their employer.

it comes to attracting and retaining talented staff, competitive financial
benefits are not key according to the UK’s HR directors. In their opinion,
flexible working options, flexible benefits and holiday entitlement are much
more important.

Hobbs, leader of the Talent Management Consulting Team at OPP, said:
"Given the clear link between employing talented staff and improving the
bottom line, it is alarming that organisations are not applying talent
management techniques consistently to identify and develop their best people.

is no excuse for getting this wrong, particularly given the number of proven
ways to accurately assess staff potential, such as the use of assessment
centres and psychometric instruments. It is perfectly possible to identify
underlying potential and capitalise its value to the business."

Quentin Reade

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