Public sector workers paid less than private sector staff

sector workers are paid, on average, £24 per week less than private sector
workers, new figures reveal.

A pay
survey prepared for trade union GMB by NOMIS, at the University of Durham,

Over 10 years, from 1992 to 2002, average public pay
rose 8.5 per cent less that private sector pay

Ten years ago, average public sector pay was higher
than average private sector pay

The average gross weekly wage in the public sector is
£447.50 per week, while private sector pay is £471.40, which amounts to £1,248
less for public sector workers each year.

Coulter, GMB deputy general secretary, said: "While we continue to pay our
public service workers less for their valuable contribution, we will continue
to face recruitment and retention problems that will soon lead to a crisis

Government can no longer rely on the goodwill of public service workers to
guarantee front-line services. It needs to respect them for their work and
value them properly or they will go to the private sector and entire
communities will suffer as a result of worsening public services."

Quentin Reade

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