UK employee apathy hits business profits

Levels of staff commitment in the UK are significantly lower than in most of
its global competitors and have a negative impact on profitability.

A new International Survey Research (ISR) report shows that fewer than six
out of 10 UK employees want to stay with their current employer or recommend it
as a good place to work.

The research covered more than 360,000 staff from the world’s top 10 economies.

Just 59 per cent of UK employees viewed their firm in a favourable light
with only China (on 57 per cent) and Japan (50 per cent) having worse figures.

The research also found that levels of staff commitment had a direct impact
on the bottom line. Over the three years of the study, profit margins among
companies viewed favourably by staff rose by 2.06 per cent, but firms with less
committed employees experienced a fall of 1.38 per cent.

Roger Maitland, deputy chairman of ISR said that the quality of leadership
in an organisation was vital to empower staff and make them feel more

"Committed employees are more likely to stay with an organisation, go
the extra mile for the company and put maximum effort into their work."

Maitland blames poor leadership. He said: "Too often in the UK, the
people at the bottom of an organisation are alienated from those at the

He added: "Employees see their leaders as lacking both intellectual
capital and emotional intelligence."

By Ross Wigham

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