UK employees are low on work commitment

than a third of UK employees admit to low levels of commitment to both work and
their company.

in 10 UK employees are committed to work, while only 49 per cent are committed
to the company they work for, according to the Global Employee Commitment
Report by Taylor Nelson Sofres.

just over half of staff are committed to the work they do and the company they
work for.

in the West are more career orientated than those in the Asian-Pacific region,
with France, Germany and the US with the highest percentage of
career-orientated staff.

staff showed more loyalty in smaller companies than those in large or
multi-national firms. On a global scale, the reverse was found.

Pinto, director of social and employee division, said: "In order to get
the best from employees, it is important for companies to be able to identify
and understand what motivates, satisfies and interests them to ensure that
their commitment can be encouraged and sustained.

will assess staff progress and satisfaction at work, but will rarely establish
how staff feel about their company and how committed they are to their role
within it."

report polled 20,000 employees across 33 countries.

By Paul Nelson

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