UK firms in top 15 wealth creators

are five UK companies among Europe’s top 15 wealth creators according to new
league tables published by the DTI.

BP, HSBC, GlaxosmithKline and BT are all in the top 15 and a total of 24 UK
organisations are included in the top 100 on the DTI’s Value Added Scoreboard.

and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt said: "Today’s value added
scoreboard shows that where companies invest in plant, in skills training, in
R&D and in fresh and innovative products, they can compete successfully
against the best in the world."

scoreboard measures wealth as value added – sales less the cost of bought-in
materials, components and services. The value added figure represents the
wealth created to pay employees and shareholders, invest in future success and
pay taxes for investment in public services.

By Ben Willmott

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