UK is top of the league on employment

Government’s minister for work has hailed the UK as a jobs world leader after
new figures indicated Britain had the best employment market in the world.

published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
show the UK’s employment rate, at 74.6 per cent, is now higher than any of the
worlds seven biggest industrial economies.

unemployment rate of five per cent is also better than any of the other G7
nations (Japan, the US, Canada, Germany, France and Italy).

Browne, minister for work said: "The UK has pioneered the development of
proactive support to help jobless people, especially the most disadvantaged, to
get back into work. With UK unemployment the lowest for a generation, partly
due to programmes like New Deal, we are extending help and support to other
jobless people, especially lone parents and those with disabilities."

market facts:

Figures published in the OECD Employment Outlook show the UK has the highest
employment rate and the lowest unemployment rate of the G7 group of major
industrialised countries

There were 28.15 million people in work in July to September, an increase of
309 thousand on the same quarter last year

The employment rate is 74.6 per cent, up 0.3 percentage points over the year
and one of the highest rates on record

The number of permanent employees is 90,000 higher than a year ago, while the
number of people in temporary jobs is down 81,000 over the same period.

By Ross Wigham

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